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Fresh Water Tank, live well pump and prop size.

fork Member Posts: 6
I have a 2002 SD 237, with a 350 V-8 engine with Volvo Penta drive. Could you help me with the following questions:
  • It has a fresh water tank with an on demand pump. How to I drain the tank for winter so it won't freeze.
  • It has a live will with pump but the pump doesn't run when switched on. Is there any way to flush the line just in case it is plugged up and can't pump for that reason and if not how do I access the pump to R&R the pump.
  • The boat came with a 14.5X19 three blade aluminum prop. Good hole shot but engine tops out at 4000rpm and speed is less than 40 mph. Is there a four blade stainless prop you would recommend.