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Customer service

Hi,    Does anyone have an address or e-mail for a customer service / Quality Manager at Hurricane Boats?    I have had so many quality issues with my boat, I really need to contact someone in writing. Thank you


  • sullmate
    sullmate Member Posts: 102 ✭✭
    I agree. I have 6 gel coat blisters on a 6 month old 188ss. I spoke to a guy naned Doug Ward, in customer relations. He got back to me quickly. I am curious, what are your issues?
  • skiwater9
    skiwater9 Member Posts: 8 ✭✭
    I have tried emailing Terri Gipson but got an error that the email is unable to be delivered so I am not confident I have the correct contact information.  Would you be able to send me the email for Doug Ward?

    I have many different issues including gel coat blisters, cracks in the gel coat in the deck, stitching coming out on the carpet/bikini cover/seat, as well as other issues.
  • sullmate
    sullmate Member Posts: 102 ✭✭
    I called Hurricane Boats and asked for customer service and left a phone message. He ( Doug Ward) called me back. Terry was on vacation. Terry is the one to speak to. Sullmate
  • donmat
    donmat Member Posts: 41 ✭✭
    Interesting that they are still having gel coat blister issues. I had them on my 2010 ss188. With a lot of effort on the part of my dealer, they shipped it back to the factory and fixed it. I never saw it as I traded it in that spring on a new ss 201. I keep this one on a lift so no issues. I know other manufacturers have some problems too but most have kept it to a minimum. Keep us posted on what they do about it.