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ANOTHER main power issue

2004 GS201 Fundeck.  Engine is fine, but a 2012 Honda 4-stroke was put on, so it's ignition is completely separate.  Now, main power switch has no light/power and none of the switches work on the panel.  They did, until put a multi-meter in the cigarette lighter to check for power, now NOTHING.  No breakers on the panel were tripped.  I looked for a main breaker by the battery, can't find it.  Both relays under the switch panel were recently replaced.  It's acting like a breaker/fuse.  How can I test to see if power is getting to the main panel?  One of the red wires to the main power switch and a ground?  I've read through 5 (or so) similar discussions on here, haven't found anything yet.  Seriously frustrating.  But hey, LOVE the motor and the boat.  Just feeling kinda stupid at the moment.


  • FlyingV5
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    Lynchsr, my boat is similar, the engine harness is separate from the accessories. You might check for a little ATM type fuse hanging from the battery. It feeds the "main power" switch to turn on the relays and can corrode and lose contact. My advice is carry an automotive test light on board for when those electrical mysteries pop up.