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What's this water intake?

Lynchsr Member Posts: 3
2004 GS 201 FD.  Water comes in this (white) rear portside inlet through a ribbed hose and to some tank above the fuel tank.  Something with the live well?  Note: when the hose pops off, the bilge pump get a workout.
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  • Lynchsr
    Lynchsr Member Posts: 3
    OK, so it WASN'T an intake.  That "tank" it went to was the drain under the middle, rear seat.  It's just a drain that takes water from the floor of the boat to the outside.  Strange that the exit hole is under the waterline, siphons in water if the hose come off.  I thought those drains would just go to the bilge.  Live and learn.
  • PescaBene
    PescaBene Member Posts: 64 ✭✭
    Maybe you can put a check valve on it