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SD237 2002 with 350 - prop experiences

Word Member Posts: 2
Does anyone have any prop experiences for a SD237? The boat is new to me and has a Quicksilver 48 19p, this prop is in rough shape so trying to decide on what type of prop works best for this boat. 


  • batman30
    batman30 Member Posts: 3
    We bought our 2003 SD237, 350 MAG with Bravo1 drive, late last season.  It has a really nice Mercury Vengeance 14"x19" but I've felt like it was a little too much prop and am hoping to try a 14.5"x17" or maybe even a 16"x16" this summer.  I've used a few of the online prop calculators and all seem to recommend between 15" and 19" pitch, so the 19" shouldn't be unrealistic, but I want to try something different to compare.  Definitely let me know what you end up with.