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2012 Hurricane Sundeck 188 Speedometer Not Working

samgordonmbm Member Posts: 2
My speedometer on my sundeck 188 is not working. Wondering if anyone could help me with this problem. I noticed at low speeds it would not register but as I kicked into a higher speed sometimes it would work. Any help is appreciated. 


  • TimKLL
    TimKLL Member Posts: 49 ✭✭
    What motor do you have?  If your speedometer source comes off of it there is a teeny-tiny hole on the front, down low, below the cav plate.  Get the smallest drill bit possible, like 1/64”, and use a pliers or vise grip to hold the bit & poke out the hole. Sometimes when you do this a little water will drain out. If this is the case buy spare bits, they break easily.  If the source is not on the front of the motor there should be a little probe hanging down somewhere on your transom.  Search YouTube for this.
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