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2012 SD 2200 Bimini Frame

Ohrwashel Member Posts: 5
Who is the OEM for the bimini frame on a 2012 SD 2200? I am missing a post and another is bent so I'd like to replace them. Is there a parts schematic available?


  • dbjr
    dbjr Member Posts: 3
    did you get an answer for this?  I'm missing the same part.  wasn't locked in and father in law dropped to bottom of lake!  I have a 2008 SD2200
  • Ohrwashel
    Ohrwashel Member Posts: 5
    I never received an answer. Went to my local dealer and they are trying to locate. Apparently it’s very hard to get parts support from Hurricane. 
  • LACane
    LACane Member Posts: 3
    For others looking for these parts.   Some are available at Boat Outfitters at least the ones I needed for my 2018 SD2400 which has 1 1/4" SS tube frame.  They have the correct snap in buttons  for the hull attachment points and items like that.   I had a dry dock incident where the frame was bent along with a few of those fittings,  and I  found a great "local" shop who does this work if you happen to be in NW FL.   They were able to fabricate a new Bow and straighten the less damaged tubes.  With Covid supply chain issues, don't bother even asking your dealer for such things at this time.   I was told a complete new top maybe in 2022.  $k's.   No individual repair parts are available.       I am still looking for the dual tube clips that hold the bimini frame during storage.   1 1/4 is hard to find if anyone has a link.