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Sitting low on the water

i just bought a very nice 1992 Fundeck19 w/Yamaha 150ProV. Launched it 3 days ago! Everything is fine but I find that it seems to be sitting very low in the water. Water flows in and out thru the two drain holes where the motor is attached at the transom. I ran the automatic bilge pump manually and no water comes out. I can’t remove the access covers to the bilge while the boat is in the water, I would just flood it. Looking at the boat from a distance, the bilge pumps outlets on the rear (port and starboard) side of the hull are flush with the water. Is that normal.  Is there any other access to view the inside of the hull forward of the motor ?


  • David1946
    David1946 Member Posts: 3

    This reply is late but I just saw your post....I have 92 fundeck and yours sounds like its too low..mine sits with no water close to drains by motor..You can see the inside of the hull thru the battery compartment...there is a space where some wiring comes thru..  Are you sure your bilge is working??  You probably have to get it out of the water and the drain plug and those covers...hopefully you have it fixed by now and are enjoying a great boat...Dave