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2005 GS202 Fun Deck - Best access point for radio replacement?

bbredstang Member Posts: 1
I just got a new to me Fun Deck and was super excited when I found this community.  We moved up from a pontoon as our kiddo is getting a bit older and thought this would be a great boat for us.

Being a new owner I am starting to clean up/tweak a few things on the boat - one being the radio.  I was initially thinking of either removing:
-The square kick panel in front of the drivers seat on the floor - however there appears to be sealant around the edges and I am not sure I want to break that, or
-The main gauge cluster to access the radio from the top

Any recommendations from the community?
Thanks in advance.


  • lashlee
    lashlee Member Posts: 3
    I'm not familiar with your boat but the radio on my 2004 226FF was in a sleeve that is a common mounting method for nearly every brand of radio made. Each manufacturer has it's own style of "keys" to remove the radio from the sleeve but that will allow you to slide out without removing all of the extra parts. I will admit that I redid the gauges and the facia so everything was apart when I changed my radio and added an amp and sub so I could've accomplished it either way.
  • Jeronimo21
    Jeronimo21 Member Posts: 36 ✭✭
    Did you ever get yours apart bbredstang?
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