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Rooster Tails

jflang Member Posts: 3
I recently purchased a 1999 Hurricane Fun Deck 232 with a 200HP Mercury EFI Bluewater series and 17 pitch SS prop.  With the trim all the way down, I will get spray or rooster tails coming up on both sides of the motor.  I really have to trim the motor up quite a bit to get them to go away.  The motor is set all the down on the lowest setting and the cavitation plate appears to be appropriate for the back of the boat; however, the actual hull is lower due to the drain plug.  I am just curious if anyone else has experienced the same situation.  I don't know if the cavitation plate should be set according to the back of the boat (where it is raised up for drain plug access) or the actual hull of the boat, and I really don't want to raise the motor if it will not fix the problem.  Any advice would be appreciated.