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2018 187 rear deck tub drain

Irons3733 Member Posts: 4
Hey guys, just got my 187 2 weeks ago and we are loving it.  I have noticed one very annoying problem though.  The rear tub that sits under the rear seat, it won't drain and holds quite a bit of water.  When looking in the access hatch it appears as if the drain hose drops down and the rises up above the level of the drain hole.  Of course water won't defy gravity and i end up with 3" of standing water in the tub.  I know the scupper is not clogged, I opened it and flushed it out.  

Any engineer suggestions?  All i can think of is to reach in with a long flexible pole and try to lower the drain hose or to let it just drain into the bilge area?


  • Grady263
    Grady263 Member Posts: 2
    I have a SS188 OB that does the same thing. I just unhooked the hose and let it drain into the bilge area for now. It was too aggravating trying to clean the floor with dirty water not draining. Hope to try and get this fixed over the winter months. If it wasn't for the aggravating ride to the dealership, I would take it to them and let them fix it.