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SD 237 OB Hydraulic Steering Access

bigums34 Member Posts: 1
Hi all - new member but been reading and learning a lot here since last year when I bought my project. I've got what feels like an air bubble in my hydraulic steering setup. Based on reading here, I've been looking for the access on top of the steering/helm and I think I've found it behind the dash but it's got an elbow fitting in there that's connected to some hose. I'm assuming it's run somewhere to make access easier, but before I dug much further I wanted to get a pulse check. Does this sound right? The hose seems to route towards the binnacle area, so I'm going to pull the speaker/drink holder housing next.

All the pictures I've seen make this look so much easier with just a little cap on top (outside the dash and easy to access).  :neutral: