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Fundeck replacement furniture

jkniz10j Member Posts: 2
Does anyone know where to obtain replacement furniture for a 1984 fun deck? Normal pontoon furniture will not work unless modified because of the hull lip. Any suggestions, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


  • callforbids
    callforbids Member Posts: 60 ✭✭
    There is a company in New Paris, Indiana called Veada. They are an upholstery suppliers to Godfrey Marine and other boat builders. I have purchased seating for my Hurricane from them. I am not sure whether they were a supplier in 1984, but I would give them a try. Their web site is [link=][/link]. Good luck 
    RBOUCHARD769 Member Posts: 4
    I just replaced all my 218 Fundeck seat with Seats from Veada and used the 30 inch radius corner seats in the front. Love the seats
  • Capt_Steve
    Capt_Steve Member Posts: 416 admin
    Hey RB...would love to see some pics of the new seats if you get a chance.
  • VeadaBoatSeats
    VeadaBoatSeats Member Posts: 5
    At Veada we have built many seats for Godfrey in the past and hit and miss on Hurricane models.  If we did build the originals, we typically have a 7 year life span on the ability to build the replicas of our original seats.  At times we can make skins (original sewn covers) and send these direct.  For the complete seats, these will need to be purchased direct through a Godfrey dealer.

    We have also been able to help out with our aftermarket seats as seen at  With the arrangement mentioned above with the outer ledge, we have had customers purchase our pontoon furniture, notching out the bottom 4" to accommodate the ledge.  This can be seen on a Hurricane 196 at or attached.

    With any questions, let us know at or 877-311-4077!


  • Red
    Red Member Posts: 1
    RB, pics would be great. i am looking at the same seats. it would be great to see how they fit. Many thanks.  Red