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Propeller Issue and Help needed for Shifter mount which is loose

Ok, so had the propeller hub blow out/wear out.  Had a professional install a 4 blade aluminum on it.  He said would be better take off and lose some speed.  We lost 13 mph at 5000 rpms, 25 mph tops with only 3 people on board.  The old propeller (3 blade SS came with boat used) was then repaired/rebuilt.  Put it back on and still running 25-28 mph, 5000 rpms with 4 people on it.  Before the issue was running 38-40 mph.  Does anyone have any suggestions or explanations??  2012 Sundeck Sport with a Yamaha 115TX.  The take off out of hole is about even between the two.

Also, does anyone know where to get a video or instructions on how to tighten the shifter mount.  Some bolts are working loose.  Im 99% sure the two issues are not related.  Thanks very much.  First post.