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Another Prop thread!?!?

JmanTaylor Member Posts: 1
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Just beat up my prop a little on Claytor Lake in VA which looks like a debris field from an airliner crash.   Hit a nasty log floating about 6 inches under the surface.   So I need a new prop and looking for suggestions.   Specs = 1999 228 FunDeck 22'  - 1999 150 Johnson outboard (which I think rated max rpm is 5500)  - Current prop 3 blade 14.5x19  - top speed is about 39mph at 5000rpm.   I like that speed but would rather have better mpg, hole shot, planing and control so thinking of a 4 blade.    
Not certain of the engine model but they all have the same interchangeable parts.  J150PLEES, J150CXEES, J150PXEES, J150JPLEES, J150SPLESS, etc....


  • FlyingV5
    FlyingV5 Member Posts: 154 ✭✭✭
    JmanTaylor, you didn't hit a log, you hit an opportunity. If you were maxing out at 500rpm less than the max rated rpm you had the wrong prop anyway. Switch to the right 4 blade for your boat and you will be very glad you did. Going to a 4blade gave my FD196 a better hole shot, easier plane and all around better performance, except for a slight loss of top speed. Since you were not achieving top rpm with your old prop, you were not developing maximum horsepower. Your boat may go just as fast as before with the correct 4-blade. A good prop mfg. will give you advice on selection and even let you return and exchange undamaged props if you need to. You want to run at the rated maximum rpm with a light boat on smooth water, and expect the top speed to drop with full tank and max load. There is a ton of prop selection info on this forum if you search for it. Typical formula is to drop an inch of pitch for the 4th blade. You needed more revs, so drop another inch. That makes 14.5x17 as a possible starting point, good luck.