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1999 201FD Volvo Intermittent Starting/Electrical issue

Hey all.  I've got a 1999 201FD with a 5L Volvo Penta I/O.  Great boat, but struggling with an intermittent starting electrical issue.  I was out tubing with the kids one day and we turned the boat off to switch riders.  I went to restart the boat and got absolutely nothing.   Dash gauges were on, stereo was working, but nothing at the starter.  I noticed we had lots of slop in the starter switch.  I figured a wire might have come loose.  We got towed in and called it day. 

Following weekend, I focused my attention on the switch. I took it out, re-wired it, and tightened it securely.  Boat started right up and ran great.

Fast forward to today.  It had been close to a month since i had last used the boat (I was traveling for work).  I get up there today and the battery is dead.  I wasn't totally stunned by the battery is from 2013.  I had a second deep cycle battery as well, so I used some jumper cables to jump from the deep cycle to the starting battery (which was dead).  Blower, trim work fine.  I turn the key and I get ticking at the starter.  I proceed to remove the old dead battery and hook the starter cables directly to the deep cycle battery and it starts right up.  I let it run for 20 min or so on the lift with no issue.  I then turn the boat off, and attempt to restart and get absolutely nothing....just like when we were tubing.

So my questions are:

1. Could the battery be the issue?  I realize deep cycle batteries aren't intended for starting, but it seems like if it did it once, it would do it a second time.  Regardless I will get a new starter battery, but I don't think this is my issue.

2. Could the starter be the issue?  My guess is no.  If it were the starter, I would assume it wouldn't have started after re-wiring the ignition switch or changing to the deep cycle battery?

3.  Could it be the ignition switch?  My guess is no.  I had a test light on board and confirmed that when the boat wasn't starting, I was still getting power through the switch.

4.  Could it be a fuse/relay?  If so where do I even look?  While this would be great...I doesn't explain the intermittent success I have.  

5.  Anything else?

I love the boat, but hate electrical issues.  I feel like it has to be something like a connection to explain the intermittent success.

Please help!!!