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2005 FunDeck GS 202 Questions that a generic manual does not answer.

Hi, we bought a used 2005 Hurricane FunDeck GS202 last April from an auction in Georgia. We are in Wisconsin and had to replace the engine (due to misrepresentation of the auction site). We have other issues since then and hope someone can answer.
1. How to calibrate the speedometer (not working properly) 2. How to calibrate the trim gauge (not working at all), 3. Toggle switches on the helm...what each does and there is one that we need to replace as it is missing 4. Where to purchase a speed prop for a 330HP inboard 5. Finally, if there is a manual available for the on-board locator so we know how to use it (it shows a depth and then below it there is a (-) with a value and not sure what that means.
Please...I hope someone can help.