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Rip Off on Purchasing a Cooler for my 2019 SD217

atcnate Member Posts: 1
I purchased a SD217 recently, but it didn't include a cooler for what I thought was a specifically designed cooler spot under the aft seats.  Obviously having multiple people on board requires us to maximize the space we have, so I reached out to my dealer to order the cooler that would have came with the boat had it been ordered at the time it was built.  I was quoted a price of $108 for it, and reluctantly agreed to have it ordered thinking it would fit perfectly into he space and be of some higher quality than what I could purchase elsewhere.  I received the cooler yesterday in the mail only to find it was a generic marine contour cooler from Igloo.....that literally costs around $20 from Amazon.  Clearly this was a huge rip off and I should have been told that the cooler wasn't directly from Hurricane.  If Hurricane actually charges this amount for it then the company should be ashamed of itself.  Buyer beware!  Go to Amazon and order the 25 qt marine contour cooler instead of blowing your money thinking that the cooler was specifically designed for the space from the manufacturer.  I hope my dealer will allow me to return the product!


  • sullmate
    sullmate Member Posts: 108 ✭✭
    the price for the cooler is $60 when ordered with the boat. You were ripped off. The space in the rear seat cut out is for a portapotty, believe it or not. Another engineering marvel brought to you by Hurricane engineers!!
  • RobertHan
    RobertHan Member Posts: 28
    I’ve been fishing offshore for 30 years I still have to the old gott 172’s but this Igloo is a nice well-made cooler, well worth the money especially compared to the $300 rotomold crap which are too heavy and to costly and don’t hold ice any better. Best of all, it only costs $60.