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Engine cutting out and beeping?

Hurricone Member Posts: 6
Hi everyone, I took my 2017 SD 187 I/O with Mercruiser Alpha drive out on the lake today and as soon as it got on plane, the engine cut out and started beeping. The first time, the engine stopped. I thought I just pulled too much on the kill switch. But I restarted, and it did it again, this time de-revving down to idle speed. It did it a third time and I decided to head back to the dock at low throttle. I noticed that the oil pressure gauge read “0” so I got very concerned. Back at the dock (marina), I snapped at the dockhand saying that they didn’t add oil while de-winterizing. Well, I checked the oil right after that expecting it to be empty. It was clean and full. So, here I am with a Hurricane that has been riddled with little issues like this. I think I got a lemon boat. That said, any ideas what my issue is?