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Electrical panel layouts and label

eprincipe Member Posts: 1
Hi  I am helping a friend get her hurricane 196RE running again.   The engine steering and controls all seem to be working fine.

However there is a set of eight rocker switches without any visible labels and a set of 12 momentary push buttons, also without labels. 

I have found on this for him a contact for a company in Florida which might manufacture new layout templates, which is awesome.

But I would also just love to have a simple set of pictures which identify the panel labels for these rockers and Breaker buttons for the 196RE.

I have watched every video out there on the fun deck series and the one thing that nobody shows for anything more than a half a second from two far away are the details of the electrical panels! And as I’m sure everybody on this forum already knows, the documentation for all the hurricanes series boats is extremely scant. 


  • Sprout24
    Sprout24 Member Posts: 3
    I was able to catch the rocker switches on my 2013 SD Sport in just the right sunlight and see the contrast between the smooth plastic where the lettering was and the rough plastic around it. I used the flashlight on my phone at various angles to re-label them. Hope this helps