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Loose wire (main ground) in boat hull Hurrican (GS170)

demunn Member Posts: 4
We have a 2003 Hurrican GS170.  I've been troubleshooting the wiring for a few days and decided to take  several snapshots inside the hull with my camera as I couldn't find any issues at the battery (fuses) or at the helm.

The good news is that I think I found the issue as it looks like a butt connector for the ground wire is missing a wire.  The bad news is that it's attached inside the hull/bilge area.  

I'm more of a wiring novice but it's a black wire and I'm assuming it's a ground because none of my panel lights/switches work.  My gauges and ignition work fine. My bilge is also dead (could be burned out) but I can't see where to disconnect those wires (I can twist the top off and remove the pump unit)

I'm small enough in stature to probably climb in the hull through the battery compartment but it's on the other sign of the boat. I'm open to other ideas however and wonder how the marina would fix it.   Wish they would have put an access panel on that side of the boat.

Any ideas appreciated on the general wiring and the bilge wiring.