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Anybody have experience with a Riptide 112 lb thrust i-pilot trolling motor?

Dave77 Member Posts: 1
Hello Hurricaners. 2016 SS203 OB owner here, but new to me as of just 3 weeks ago. Buying a used boat can be an enigma, especially when the nearest Hurricane dealer is 100+ miles away. Right now my issue is getting a grip on the trolling motor. I downloaded the Minn Kota manual (such as it is), and discovered this is a 36V motor. This is a bit of a shock in that there are only TWO batteries connected to it! Besides derated performance, I am very concerned this setup will eventually damage the motor or the electronics. Anybody heard of this? All 4 boat batteries are in the stern, and it is a rats nest of wires and cables going here there and everywhere, including a battery switch for the starter batteries. I am wondering if somehow they have tied into the starter circuit for the missing 12 volts. There is a single red cable going from one of the trolling batteries to one of the one of the starter batteries. I contacted the previous owner; he seemed as surprised as me.
I discussed this with Minn-Kota. They had never heard of it, had little opinion on it, but felt 36 volts was best (the safe answer).
All this brings up another question as to the duty rating Hurricane uses in their trolling harness. Minn Kota specifies 60 amps and 8 AWG wire for this motor. That is very stout stuff. Given this is a "Coastal Edition" boat I am hoping Hurricane did the right thing here with a heavy duty harness. 
Any guidance you can offer is appreciated.


  • keithmo
    keithmo Member Posts: 3
    I don't think this answers all of your questions, but will hopefully help a little.  I have a 2017 SD 2400 and had a Riptide 112 lb i-pilot mounted on the port side of the bow.  The 3 12V batteries and charger were installed beneath the starboard forward seats.  This results in some extra weight on the bow, but the boat seems to handle quite well regardless.  One of my batteries failed last year, and I definitely lost a significant amount of power and charge time, but the motor still performed well until I could install a replacement (I continued to use the motor with 2 batteries for about 5 days).  I have attached a few pictures to give you an idea what it looks how the batteries are wired.  Good luck!
  • ss211
    ss211 Member Posts: 6
    I have that trolling motor. My 3 batteries are in the locker on the floor of the bow on a 2015 Sundeck SS 211 OB. I am thinking they are tying into one of your starter batteries as you suspected. There is a company called Norton marine that carried all the parts. When I got my boat the trolling motor did not work. I replaced the head and the motherboard- they carried it all. Also replaced all 3 batteries.