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Rear boarding ladder with hand rails

azmongo Member Posts: 2
I have a 2008 Fundeck 226 OB and would like to replace the rear telescoping boarding with one that has hand rails on each side to it would be easier to get on the boat from deep water.
Has anyone found one that will work.


  • thurricane
    thurricane Administrator Posts: 476 admin

    You could look at the other SS Hurricane Models to see if you can get one to work for you.

  • smadden
    smadden Member Posts: 3
  • RobertHan
    RobertHan Member Posts: 28
    edited March 2022
    We used this Marinebaby ladder on the rear of our Hurricane deck boat because as we get older it’s getting harder to get out of the water easily. It’s the best ladder we’ve had and we’ve had many different boats in our lifetime. The nicest things about this ladder are the width, 13 inches I think, 2 inch wide steps and the nice tall handles. If you’re in you’re 20’s this is not necessarily for you but if you’re flopping around like a tuna, trying to get in the boat, this is the ladder for you!
  • azmongo
    azmongo Member Posts: 2

    I do like what you did, especially the hand rails. We have the 226 Fundeck outboard and the area where the ladder goes is tight. with an access door to deal with also. So what I ended up using was this one which straddled the access door perfectly height hand rails would have make it perfect, we are in our 70s.

  • Don495
    Don495 Member Posts: 2
    Where did you find this ladder?
  • Nataliee
    Nataliee Member Posts: 13
    I have an old model pontoon boat, so I thought searching for a suitable swim ladder for a pontoon boat would be difficult. I couldn’t be happier when having a RecPro AL-A4 pontoon boat ladder. I think this ladder has the appropriate angle and it can accommodate tall handrails for easy boarding. That’s why my grandparents don’t have a problem getting up and down my pontoon. They don’t have to go through painful legs and feet.
  • Nataliee
    Nataliee Member Posts: 13
    I was able to assemble and install this ladder all by myself. A mounting kit comes with every purchase. I like the stainless steel screws. However, they’re 1.75 inches long and might not be enough for the thickness of some mounting surfaces.