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2019 Hurricane Sundeck 187 Electrical Problem

I have a new Sundeck with 15 hours on it.  While out cruising, I plugged in a phone charger into the 12v in dash charger and the radio immediately cut off.  I have also discovered the transom shower isn't working anymore as well.  I have checked the fuses and everything looks good.  I did not see any loose wiring or connectors.  Someone mentioned ground wires and relays?  I am not an electrician; however, I have a multimeter and test light.  Can anyone provide any guidance on where to start the hunt for the problem?  I do not know how to test relays but understand youtube has several videos.  I have requested the wiring diagram from Terri at customer support.  I will take some pictures and hopefully can identify the issue.  I suspect it is close to the 12v charger as that was the immediate issue when I used it for the first time and lost the radio.   


  • lazydaysx4
    lazydaysx4 Member Posts: 16
    After four hours of trouble shooting the electrical issue - finally found the issue. Thank you to Terri in customer service for sending me the wiring diagrams for the console. We ran checks on all fuses, relays, voltage and conductivity and finally went to the never fail “wiggle” test. After removing the console, I wiggled and lifted wires and the power to the stereo and transom shower would come on and off. 

    Traced the main power line from the master switch to the breaker for the 12v accessory charger and discovered the two positive power lines that were jumped together had a broken connection in the jumper that was being held together due to the 4 zip ties on it. The connection would touch when wiggled and provide power. Glad this mystery has been solved.