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Fuel Gauge Faults after Fueling up -- Weird! Help Please!

After a buddy gassed up my 2000 FD201 (4.3 fuel injected I/O), I noticed fuel gauge was "pegged" all the way to the right -- not just full but to extreme right.  After using the boat some the gauge never came down.  Mechanic thought gauge was bad.  My buddy who happened to be the guy that sold the boat to me 5 years ago, just happened to have another fuel gauge in his garage.  So I replaced the fuel gauge and turn key and the fuel gauge is working!! Yea!  I went to the station to fuel up the boat and got home -- just for fun check the gauge again, an now the new gauge looks like the old one did -- pegged out the the right.  I did not fill the boat completely so it's not that it's just overfull and over the years, I usually fill it up with no issues.

Has anyone experienced this or have an idea what the issue is?  My guess is that something in the sender is shorting out the gauge.  But I really don't want to experiment and ruin another gauge.  I see where the sender is in this boat -- under the engine cover in an access panel.

Any ideas -- also where can I get parts (sender and gauge) if I decide to tackle myself or should I leave to the experts?  Thanks for your help.