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No support on the purchase of our dream boat. Beware!,,

alpine Member Posts: 1
We have purchased a Hurricane SS202IO at the Chicago Boat Show.  It’s been a nightmare experience.  The Dealer at the show was The Boat House.  They were great when purchasing however once the sale was completed you couldn’t get them to return any phone calls.  The boat was delivered to Michigan.  We had no test drive or instructions on use and features.  The delivery person had no experience with this boat.  Upon use of boat we had immediate problems and reach out to both there general manager and service manager of The Boat House with neither ever calling back.  When checking with the local suppliers we were told if you didn’t purchase boat from them they would not do any warranty work.  This issue was address prior to purchasing the boat and we were guaranteed that it could be serviced locally.  When contacting Hurricane direct we were told to deal with The Boat House people who still won’t respond!  Be careful with the Hurricane Product!  No Service available.  They do NOT stand by there products.


  • JJ_in_Florida
    JJ_in_Florida Member Posts: 15
    Try the Facebook hurricane boat owners page. There is a hurricane executive part of the group that helps people with issues sometimes. 
  • ss211
    ss211 Member Posts: 6
    As soon as I started reading your post I knew where it was headed. This is not about Hurricane - you would get the same response from motorhome dealers, and other boat dealers. When you go out of town and out of state to save $ and not support your local dealers they put their time and priorities on their customers who buy from them.