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2020 SD2410 - bildge takes on water

bvaldyke Member Posts: 9
New 2020 SD2410 takes on water into the bildge when underway;
- hull leaked the very first time in the water,
- I have checked the hull from underneath, no damage or cracks
- I have pulled the drain plug to ensure it is completely dry, it's not rain, etc... it is sea water,
- boat takes on water continually when underway; the auto-bildge pump comes on approx every 15 mins.
Love the boat layout and performance, but am going back to the dealer even before my 20 hour service check. 
Any advise of what I can check? 


  • bvaldyke
    bvaldyke Member Posts: 9
    Boat does not have the live-well option.
  • cjjjdeck
    cjjjdeck Member, Moderator Posts: 1,872 ✭✭✭✭
    When I first launched my brand new 2012 SD 237 into the water, my bilge pump came on while still on the boat ramp.

    This was one of those times I was glad I chose the I/O model.  I opened my engine cover and found water pouring in from one of my deck drain hose hull fittings.  The hose was loose where it connected to the outer hull fitting.  I was fortunate to be able to reach the hose clamp on the fitting (not sure how you would do it with the outboard model).  I tightened the clamp and it has been fine ever since.  I was also grateful that the rest of the hoses seemed to be OK (some I wouldn't have been able to reach) and it was isolated to just that hose. 

    I would definitely have your dealer check all drain hose connections. 
    2012 SD237 I/O Mercruiser 5.0L MPI ECT/ Bravo 3
    2012 Load Rite Elite Tandem axle trailer

  • bvaldyke
    bvaldyke Member Posts: 9
    Dear Captn Steve (and Hurricane Boats), is it possible to get a schematic (or a hand drawing) of the under deck scupper plumbing and hose routing for a 2020 SD-2410?  
  • bvaldyke
    bvaldyke Member Posts: 9
    Capt Steve, I've found the source of taking on seawater for my dealer to repair.  The limber tube below the front floor compartment was not routed through the side cut-out when the hull and deck were mated together.  The tube fitting is cracked, hose crushed, ?? suspect it is also pulled or punctured between the floor compartment and deck by the amount of water the boat takes on when underway at slow/no-wake speed (5+ gals in 15 minutes).
    For any readers that need to know, my boat is a 2020 SD2410's.  The through-hull limber tubes connect to the following:  Port Side forward connects to the port-bow seat storage compartment, middle is the head-sink's drain, aft connects to the two floor-compartment hatch drains; Starboard Side there is only one which connects to the starboard-bow seat storage compartment.

  • bvaldyke
    bvaldyke Member Posts: 9
    Model Year 2020, SD 2410 limber tube (through hulls) connect as follows:
    - Port side FORWARD connects to the port-bow seat storage compartment and the forward-middle floor-compartment hatch drain;
    - Port side MIDDLE is the head-sink drain;
    - Port side AFT connects to the rear-middle floor-compartment hatch drain;
    - Starboard (there is only one) connects to the starboard-bow seat storage compartment.

  • bvaldyke
    bvaldyke Member Posts: 9
    Boat still takes on water when motoring off-plane for more than 10 minutes.  I have tracked it down to the anchor locker filling from backflow through the scupper into the anchor locker and overflowing into the bilge.  Result is that the boat continually cycles the bilge pump when operating off-plane. 
    - Is there a one way scupper available to be installed?
    - Is the compartment that the scupper drains from sealed?  If yes, I could install a plug in the bottom of the anchor locker, preventing the backflow up into the bilge and pull the plug only when I need to washout and drain the anchor locker.
  • sullmate
    sullmate Member Posts: 108 ✭✭
    so much for quality control !!
  • gmmoss
    gmmoss Member Posts: 2
    bvaldyke, what was the outcome of your situation.  I just picked up a 2020 2410 and I am having all kinds of similar issues.
  • bvaldyke
    bvaldyke Member Posts: 9
    #1) QA issue - Once the broken drain fitting under the fwd floor hatch was replaced, limber tube systems (through hulls) are all good. All were connected tight (no leaks) at the hull.
    #2) Construction issue - My fwd anchor locker overfills w/water at slow idle, pouring over into my hull and running the bilge pump. Cause -> I think water comes in my bow eye which is also the anchor tie off point. I had rough fiberglass inside the anchor locker around the anchor tie off point (i.e crusher fiberglass?). I sealed around it with 3M 5200; better now, but I'm not sure if I got it 100% sealed yet.
    Recommend you go out and look inside your anchor locker while underway @ fast idle to see where water is  coming from. Give away for me was that my anchor rope was always wet - used or not.

  • bvaldyke
    bvaldyke Member Posts: 9
    gmmoss,  what was your out come?  Would appreciate any new finding you have. Thanks