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2013 231 center console reviews???

redlinda1 Member Posts: 1
I am taking a 2013 SS231 center console with a 200 yamaha for a sea trial tomorrow... please give me your reviews pro or con...i presently have a 2002 226 fun deck which we absolutely love... but looking to buy a newer used boat. Having a hard time finding a used 226 fun deck with a larger motor so we are trying out the 231 center console.  thanks


  • Bucksandnoles
    Bucksandnoles Member Posts: 4
    I just purchased a 231 center console that needs to be repowered.  Most of the new ones I see are rigged with 200's, but boat is rated for a 300.  Do you feel the 200 is enough for cruising, fishing, etc?  I'd love to save on fuel/weight and stay with 4cyl, but don't want to be underpowered.  How'd it feel on the sea trial?
  • OneMoreThing
    OneMoreThing Member Posts: 11
    200 is nice and a different prop can help.  But it is a boat, you always want bigger.  I have a 200, wish I got a 250.  Plus, I have a 2016 and it is only rated for a 250 so surprising yours is rated for a 300.

  • cjjjdeck
    cjjjdeck Member, Moderator Posts: 1,872 ✭✭✭✭
    Just did some checking, the 231 was introduced in 2006.  It has had a Max HP rating of 300 HP since this time.  Below is the spec chart from the 2016 Hurricane catalog.  It's showing 300 HP as the max.  So I'm not quite sure why you have a 250 HP max, maybe someone replaced your capacity plate showing 250 HP (if that's where you see the 250 HP listed)?

    I have stated this a number of times on other threads, it's been my experience that when choosing your power options on a new boat, it's usually best not to go below 75% of the Maximum HP rating of the boat.  In this instance with this model it would be 225 HP minimum.  So yes, 200 HP may perform decently and the lower degree deadrise helps a bit with that, but you are bordering on that point where the boat may be underpowered in certain conditions, like maximum weight capacity.  Ultimately, boat owners often lean towards what they feel their budget can handle at the time when they purchased the boat, and often lament some of the decisions later on, especially when they find out how much MORE money it costs to replace.
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