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Fuel vapor charcoal system / slow fueling / fuel tank access 2019 Sundeck 2486

Priority_1 Member Posts: 1
I'm trying to solve a slow fueling issue on my 2019 Sundeck 2486 with less than 85 hours.
I think the fuel vent is part of the fuel tank fill pipe and is under the gas cap, not a separate vent location.  True?

Anyone know where the charcoal filter is?  Is it right at the top of the fill area, under the gas cap?

Can you tell me where the fuel tank is located?  I want to see where the fuel lines go to the tank so I can check for an unusual bend / crimp.

Is there a diagram of the fuel tank / fill /vent system?
Or can you tell me the manufacturer of that so I can ask them?

Lots of questions, sorry about that.  Many thanks!



  • Raymar
    Raymar Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2016 2486 and the tank access is under the rear convertible seat and there’s an access panel you can remove. Does yours list to port when running like mine? I think I need trim tabs but don’t know what size.