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Where does the plug go in? Bulge pump hole?

aging_cowboy Member Posts: 1
I know this is a really stupid question and I apologize. I bought my 2015 center console sundeck used from a non-hurricane dealer. Would someone be so kind to tell me if the hole in the transom that you plug is the bilge pump hole?


  • lazydaysx4
    lazydaysx4 Member Posts: 16
    No. That is not the automatic bilge pump discharge hole. It should be on the side of the boat. The hole at the lowest center point of the hull is the drain plug hole. It is threaded to allow threading in the drain plug and removing when you need to drain or store the boat. Remove your access panels and inspect you hose connections at the rear of the boat to see how everything is connected. Probably see the bilge pump hose and your live well hose. Good luck