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Where are the relays for switches on a 2017 as 180 ?? Thanks



  • cjjjdeck
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    Not quite sure what you are asking for help on or the model, there's Sundeck Sport SS 188 and Sundeck SD 187 as far as I am aware of.

    I will take a guess that you mean helm switches.  On your model, helm switches have toggle type switches to operate the various systems and a circuit breaker to reset them, if they deactivate, right next to the switch.  The circuit breaker button pops out if switch is deactivated.  Push back in to reset.

    There is also usually an in-line main fuse located near the transom that provides power to the helm.  It is typically in a covered in-line fuse holder that looks something like this:

    Let us know if it was something different you were asking about.

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  • lazydaysx4
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    If you are asking about the relays on a 187 or 188, they are located under the helm. Open the door on the side of the helm and look in and up to see all the wiring harnesses. You should see 2 relays attached to the harnesses. I was told relays rarely go bad and the issue is usually a blown fuse or a broken jumper from one of your toggle switches. 

    The relays should look similar to this:  

  • ForleoFloats1
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    That is exactly what I am looking for as well. The 30 amp relays. I don't see them anywhere in the wire bundle. Are they tucked away somewhere 
  • cjjjdeck
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    Relays are located behind the instrument panel and/or back in the transom area by your battery.
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  • sdhurricane
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    Here's a link to the data sheet for the relays in the above pic.  Picker #PC792A-1C-C1-12S-RN-X

    If you plan on getting replacements ensure that you're purchasing the RN vs. the DN. 
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