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Draining or removing gas tank on 2010 Sundeck 202 (OB)

Davegolfson Member Posts: 1
I have a 2010 Sundeck 202 (OB).  Last year a tree sunk it.  I have attempted to siphon the tank multiple time but cannot get the water out.  Have used Heat, Seafoam, etc.  i can run it at low speed without issue, however when I run at high speed within min’s the water sensor goes off.  When I drain the’s 90% water.  Any suggesstions on how to drain or remove the tank?


  • cjjjdeck
    cjjjdeck Member, Moderator Posts: 1,872 ✭✭✭✭
    I have yet to hear of a miracle mechanic-in-a-can solution that works for this problem, I really wish I have.

    Usually to remove a fuel tank requires the upper hull to be split from the lower, especially with an outboard model (not my first choice as a solution). 
    You should have an access port (deck plate) located over the fuel tank.  This is there primarily to get to the fuel sending unit should it need to be replaced.  Removing the sending unit should give you access to the interior of the tank.  Putting the boat on a trailer and with the use of a jack helps you tilt the tank in a direction to better assist the process.   After siphoning/pumping out the best you can, I've seen videos of rags with monofiliment tied to them being stuffed through the fuel sensor hole, then being brought back out by pulling up on the line.  Repeat the process until all water is absorbed.  Not a fun or easy task unfortunately,  Maybe others have a better process to share.
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  • cary319
    cary319 Member Posts: 4
    You could hook shop vac to a 5 gallon bucket. Then run hose from bucket to fuel line that goes to the engine. This will pull fuel, water into bucket. Yes it would be good if boat was on trailer so you could run it up on blocks to tilt boat in different directions. 
  • RobertHan
    RobertHan Member Posts: 28
    A fuel transfer pump is recommended. But these can be costly, and besides, it also needs to be connected to power for it to pump continuously. The whole procedure is a lot easier because you will only need to observe.
    The primer bulb is a device that can manually draw gas from your fuel tank. Pressing it down will then extract fuel or other substances inside. This device can be a hassle as you will manually pump the whole time, but it is less expensive than the fuel transfer pump. It also does not need to be connected to a power source.
  • markbartlett
    markbartlett Member Posts: 3
    I new someone that tried that with a shop vac and it blew up his Garage and boat