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Buying our first boat! So excited.. right now looking at sundeck sport 218 ob but like 2400 2486 too

Texgirl Member Posts: 14
So.... what started as getting a 10k used boat search has ended up looking at new boats way more expensive than I would have ever imagined!! That is another topic.  We want to fish, do water sports, have a 12 year old son, take friends and family along etc.  So, we looked at Chaparral h20 21 foot sun and ski, liked it a lot but was worried about it not having enough seating sometimes but LOVED the fishing aspect of it.  Anyway, now we are trialing the 218 ob later this week and I like the space it has and we can fish etc.  I am worried about the engine not being big enough when we get more people on the boat for water sports etc. (150 suzuki) and I don't like the color (left over 19 black and white with gray interior.. blah blah blah. ) But, pretty good price I think at 44 something.  There is a used 2018 2486 ob that I may be able to get for 60k.  I am afraid that is too much boat for us at 24 feet and we may have to nix that one due to length and storage limitations.  Bottom line is I don't want to not be happy and I want to make as much of the best decision I can on this!  Any advice appreciated.
Also what do about the potty situation.. any and all boating advice appreciated. thanks so much!!