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Hey everyone,  new to the forum here.  I have a new to me hurricane 2006 237,  got her ready for her maiden voyage this past weekend and I noticed I had a few dash issues.   the boat ran well with the honda bf225 on the back.  However i was light in a few areas for gauges.   My speedo, tac, trim and battery volt gauges were not reading period.      After the trip, i started climbing around on her to familiarize myself with it and took a peek in the battery compartment.   i have duel batteries with a  shut off switch.     i have three inline fuses that run to that switch.  one was a 5 amp, one was a 20 amp and one was a 30 amp.   The 20 and 30 were toast, and the 5th was corroded and on its way out.    Anyone know what these fuses might operate, and if that might help the dash a bit?   


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    The fuse holders you found by the transom are the main fuses for most of the electrical systems on the boat.  Sometime those fuse holders themselves become very corroded and need to have both the fuse and holder replaced.  Either way, you need to get new fuses and/or holders in there and see if they blow again, if so you'll have to trace the wiring up to each system.

    I sent you a personal message with some documents that might help you (click on the little envelope symbol in the top right corner of the screen)
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    awesome, thank you