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Boat cover

I have a like new 2019 SS188 that had only 20 hours on the motor. The previous owner had kept it in a boat house with the cover on. My question is regarding the black cover, now that I keep it outdoors I am finding black streaks down the side of my boat! Is this something that will stop soon after the cover fades a little? How do I get the streaks off? Tried car wash, gel coat polish, car polish but still having problems in the areas that get the most sun. I live in Florida so I really need to use the cover to protect the interior. 
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  • cjjjdeck
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    The black streaks are primarily from rain runoff as your cover picks up all sorts of air borne material when things are dry, it's not your cover coloring bleeding down the side. 

    Although many times off the shelf, standard cleaners, waxes  and others things work just fine on many surfaces, there's times like this that some of the specialized stuff marine suppliers offer actually works best.  I find this to be true for exactly what you're experiencing.  Here's what I use that I've been happy with.  The link is for West Marine, there are other sources you can search out as well:

    What I haven't found is something that I can apply to "prevent" the stains from happening in the first place.
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  • RobertHan
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    Looks like these will fit - Meguiar’s M4516 Marine/RV Polish.
    I believe this marine-grade fiberglass boat polish is the best-quality polisher I have ever used in maintaining my boat. It brings back the shine on my boat, car paints, and RV fiberglass surfaces.