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Mounting Location for a Minn Kota Precision 3-bank onboard Battery Charger?

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Good evening everyone!  I am a new owner of a 2020 SD 217 and this is my first post on the forum. 

After doing some research, I decided to purchase a Minn Kota Precision 3-bank onboard charger for my boat.  The only issue is that the charger is much larger than I expected, and i'm not sure where to mount it at.  The dimensions are 9.25"x8.25"x3". 

I currently have two batteries onboard, which came with the boat, and a selector switch. I have decided to wire the current batteries in parallel to run my house electronics, and install a larger starting battery.  All 3 are flooded Delka batteries.  I've read that it isn't recommended to install the onboard charger in the same compartment as flooded batteries due to the gas that they emit.  My boat only has three accessible compartments; the battery compartment, the ski locker, and the front anchor compartment.  The battery compartment seems like the only logical place to install the onboard charger so that the leads are short from the charger to the battery, the charger stays dry, and I can monitor the charging panel. 

What are your thoughts and suggestions?
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    Mine is installed on the transom, back by the batteries.  I have had no issue having it mounted there.  I also had my dealer install on exterior outlet with a waterproof cover to plug into the charger.  This way I don't have to run a cord out of a hatch area.
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