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What to do if Fresh Water Pump is running but water is not coming out of faucet?

I have a 2013 Hurricane 232 Fundeck sport and I have a fresh water sink and shower and the pump runs when turned on and sometimes water comes out and when I first bought the boat a month ago it was usable the first couple of days and then eventually water would no longer come out.  It appears something has clogged but not sure how to even go about trying to fix the problem.  I assume the sink draws water directly from the lake and the shower draws it from the fresh water tank or I guess they both do.  I have not put any water in the tank to find out.  The boat was set up to be used in salt water.  Any suggestions or comments of similar problems would be appreciated.

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  • cjjjdeck
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    Your model has a 17 gallon fresh water tank.  Galley and head faucets along with the transom washdown are all serviced by the on-board fresh water tank.  Your single water pump services these locations as well.  Make sure your tank is full, then test all locations (you'll know it's full when water starts to come out of the fill as fast as you are filling).  Blockages can be checked by running compressed air through each water line by removing the spray heads and listening for the bubbling sound in the tank.  There is also a vent location you want to check as well.

    Just a suggestion if you don't already do something like this, I do not use my fresh water tank as a source of potable water, just to wash things with.  I always treat my water to prevent "things" from growing in the tank.  I add 1/4 teaspoon of plain chlorine bleach (NOT SCENTED!), per gallon to the water I supply to the tank.  It keeps the water fresh.
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  • changeup43
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    Thank you for that!  After I typed the question I started to think it doesn't make sense to be pulling directly from the lake after also realizing there is only one on switch for the fresh water.  The purpose is not to have saltwater or not so fresh freshwater to wash with.  I just got the boat 3 weeks ago and am trying to figure stuff out since buying a used boat from a dealer you usually don't get much information.  
  • cjjjdeck
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    Well welcome to the Hurricane Owners Forum!  This is the place to learn about anything Hurricane.

    Many Hurricane boats owners are new to boating and boats in general, so any question can be very helpful to the forum members.  No stupid questions here, just trying to give non-experienced owners the value of communicating with experienced owners so they can enjoy these wonderful boats.
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  • ChiefDaveD
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    changeup43 - did you ever find the source of your issue and is so what was the resolution?  Experiencing the same issue on our "new to us" 2012 SD217 OB.  Just filled the tank yesterday, previous owner said he didn't use the water system.  Read in a few various places that sometimes it can take the pump up to 10 minutes of running to properly prime.  Nervous about leaving the pump running that long without moving any water.  
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    Pumps are susceptible to damage when they run dry. When there is no fluid, the components are more prone to wear. Like other parts of a boat, freshwater pumps accumulate dirt over time, especially if it is not used. The best things to do are tighten all the connections. Use O-rings and other seals to secure the pump to a hose or pipe. This will prevent leaks. Flush the water before using the pump after winterization or long-term storage. This will ensure a cleaner water supply to the outlets.