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2011 187 S/D switches suddenly died

Earlier today I was adding a couple speakers to my 187 SD I/O.  I had to tug and move a few wires during the install but the only electric I added was tapping into the court lights (right at the LED) to power the back-lit speakers.  When I finished, I discovered that all of my switches, including the master switch was dead (Nav lights, blower, blige, etc).  I exposed all of the wire packs under the console and fished my arm around in the speaker below the accelerator paddle next to the captains chair and I noted a few wires which weren't connected to anything, but didn't find the female connection anywhere, so I'm assuming they were intentionally not connected to anything.  I didn't move any of the wires enough to dislodge anything so I'm confused what happened.  I did disconnect and reconnect the stereo wiring a few times.  None of the pop-fuses on the dash have popped.  The boat starts fine and runs fine.  Trim works, and gauges all work.  Switches are all dead.  

Is there a master fuse somewhere for me to check or any tips for troubleshooting this issue?  Thanks in advance for any help!