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Fuel vent cap replacement/reattachment

ultrageek2 Member Posts: 3
I have an SD2000 that I recently was attempting to "fix" the issue a lot of folks seem to have with filling the fuel tank (can only put in a dribble at a time or the pump keeps shutting off).  So I removed the cover on the vent and found that it was very corroded and now I'm unable to get that cap back on.  I haven't gone to the point of trying to scrape off the corrosion yet and I'm honestly not sure if I damaged the cover/cap when i took it off so that was going to be my next effort. 

My questions are:
1. what should this cap look like and how should it attach to the vent it's on?
2. if I need to replace this cap or the vent assembly does anyone have a part number they can give me?

Thanks in advance.