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Battery issue

We haven a hurricane 2486 (2019) recently purchased new.  The last three weekends we have been keeping a battery charger on it.  After 3 full days of charge (at 60% when we left it), we went to check on it and it was about 30% charged.  The boat cranks fine, but everything else won’t work unless it’s plugged into the charger.   Yes, I know, we are getting a new battery.  Just wondering if in addition to a new battery, there is something else that could be running the battery down when the boat is not turned on and all switches appear to be turned off.  Any feedback is appreciated.  


  • Angryleprechaun
    Angryleprechaun Member Posts: 14
    May sound stupid,  but are you turning off the batteries when you are done for the day?  I'm talking about the main battery switch in the battery compartment, not the master switch at the cockpit.
  • gizmo1120
    gizmo1120 Member Posts: 2
    No I haven’t.   I have had other boats (not a hurricane) and never had to do that before!   
  • Angryleprechaun
    Angryleprechaun Member Posts: 14
    If you don't turn that switch off it can send power to any thing that may have been left on.  The bilge should be hotwired to the battery itself and doesn't need the switch to be on.  Give it a try and if it doesn't work you may have another issue. 
  • cjjjdeck
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    As Angryleprechaun advises, if you have the battery switch option on your boat, it is a good idea to turn the batteries off when the boat is not in use, especially for an extended period of time.

    To check for a draw when the master switch is in the "off" position at the helm, remove the all the wires from the positive battery terminal, using a 12 volt test light or volt meter, connect one probe wire to the positive terminal on the battery, then touch the other probe wire to each wire you removed.  All wires that show no voltage indicates no system is drawing current.  Any wire that does show a reading will indicate you may have an electrical problem with that circuit.  Bear in mind that the bilge pump wire may show some draw even if the pump is not running as most of the float switches in Hurricane boats are electronic, not mechanical.  The other system that will draw current is if you have a Mercruiser I/O drive system (which you do not), a small amount of current is applied to the drive to prevent electrolysis from corroding the drive. 
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