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2005 237 sundeck no power to the master switch on the dash.

2005 237 Sun deck, I have no power to the master switch on my dash accessory panel.  I have checked the 3 fused off the battery switch, the 2 inline fuses off the battery and replaced the relay under the dash. I even tested the backside of the fuses, so I have power going to the Accessory panel but it is short of the master switch. Any ideas?
Does anyone have a wire diagram for this boat they would like to share, it would be much appreciated.


  • Randyrandyt
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    So I found the issue today. The electrical cord from the battery switch, crosses over to the starboard side and behind the build in tackle box is a 4 Prong plug, even though water proof, that connection had a small amount of corrosion. That same line has 2 other inline connections. So I clean and lubed each one and power was restored.
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