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Seat replacements

haddeland87 Member Posts: 1
My seats blew out of my boat on the highway in May,g under the speed limit and could not find them in the ditch. Hurricane said it was not covered under warranty. According to their requirements there isn't many scenarios where my seats would be covered. I made a claim with my insurance and ordered new seats through my local dealership. The dealership claimed that it is hard to get hurricane to respond to emails and it would take 4-6 weeks for three cushions (one of the three was a cup holder). It took until the last week in July for one cushion to arrive and it wasn't even the right cushion & it won't fit on my boat. After doing enough digging I got an email address for Terri at hurricane who barely responded to my emails. She then directed me to Suzette who responds even less and won't give me an update and clearly ignores my emails. I had to DM hurricanes Instagram just to get an email. I have tried contacting so many people and nobody seems to care. They charge $800 a cushion for a total of $2400 for all three and one of them is a cup holder. Very pricey but I would pay double that just to get a response or show that anyone cares about the people that buy your boats. If I don't get any type of update on my seats and have to wait from May 18th until winter to get 3 cushions I would rather sell the boat and find a company that makes deck boats that actually cares about the people that buy them.