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Ski Pylon stuck in down position

jayhitek Member Posts: 7
edited September 2020 in General Discussions
I have a 2011 Hurricane 202 SunDeck Sport OB with a ski pylon post with the Lift and Lock that pulls up from the back of the boat.
And every once in a while it gets stuck in the down position.  Then magically gets unstuck..  But this time we cannot get to pull up after a couple of days of trying.. Does it lock at all in the down position or is it just stuck and need to be pulled up as hard as we can by rocking and pulling?
I even tried unscrewing the flange and pulling the whole tube up and trying to see if I can determine how it moves..  but can't see anything, because it appears to be totally captured in the outer tube that's attached to the flange.

I've tried to push down on it and twist left or right to get it to move before pulling and it doesn't seem to help..
Thank you,  Jay