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Live Well Operation

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I'm the second owner of a 2018 231 SS OB Center Console.  I've had the boat about six weeks and am not sure how to properly operate the Live Well system, as there's not much documentation.  I have one up front and one in the back.  I've searched the forum but haven't found these specific questions.

My first question is... how do i prevent them from filling up when we're running at plane?  

My second question... I have two knobs at the helm (one on the left and one on the right).  They read Fill, Empty, and Recirc.  How are these supposed to be set for their respective purposes.

Finally.... if I don't want them to operate at all, (b/c we're not fishing and do not need them) how should they be set?

Thanks in advance.


  • cjjjdeck
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    Your baitwell system is probably made by Flow-Rite.  I attached some documentation that explains the operation of the various systems they offer, one of them should be yours.  If not, the operation is the same with other systems.
    Here's their website if you want to obtain more info:

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  • PescaBene
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    same boat same issue. It was driving me crazy. First try priming it by putting a garden hose In the drain and run the system on recirculate. Then fill the well with the hose and let it run. That worked for me. You could also try priming it by putting it in the fill position and run in reverse but the garden hose method works best for me. It's a recurring problem. My guess is that the hose has a dip in it causing an airlock. I had one other issue that I describe below. 

    First I went to the Flow Right website to make sure I was using the switch correctly. 

    Fill - will fill system with lake water. Left in that position it will maintain the level when the boat is still but the system will drain when the boat is on plane

    Empty - will empty the system as long as the pump is in the off position

    Recirc - will recirculate water that is in the live well and will maintain the level even when the boat is underway. This is the only position that will maintain the water level at all times. 

    Now the fix: I primed the system by filling the bait box with water from my hose. Ran the system in Recirc and then was able to draw from the lake on Fill. This is not bad considering most will start out with bait in a pail of water that they will dump in the bait well. 

    One last thing and I don't know if your crew did this in the last fix or if it was delivered this way; the valve was reversed. Fill was Recirc and Recirc was Fill. I had to remove the cable at the valve and reverse the switch direction. I found that fix on the website as well.  The valve has a top and bottom position for the lever. I literally had to remove the lever and flip it 180°. I attached the cable to the lever, now on the bottom. It was on top before I flipped the lever.  That seems to have made things right.