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Fundeck Ski Bar Question??? Please Help

I have a 2005 Fundeck 226 that has a fiberglass surround around the splashwell/motor.  It had a ski pylon that ran up through a hole in this piece. The ski pylon was ripped off and broke the fiberglass piece. Rather than repairing this part I am wanting to replace it with the current ski bar/ motor surround that is being installed on the newer Fundecks. It has 2 supports that attach to the deck on the starboard side and 1 that attaches on the port side where the popup changing room is located. Please see photos below of the part.               I  contacted a Hurricane dealer and gave them the Hull ID # for a 2017 Fundeck that has the part I want to install. The part is in stock but I would like to make sure it will fit my boat before paying over $400 for the part and another $200-$400 freight shipping. Hurricane said they couldn’t provide a spec sheet with the measurements. If someone Has this part on there boat and can take a few quick measurements especially center to center dimensions where it attaches to the boat deck I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!