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2017 Hurricane SS 188. Both multi function gauge housings fractured with one bezel and glass falling out and the remainder falling out behind the dash.  I am 75 years old, the boat has about 80 hours on it and not been abused. Hurricane says it’s out of warranty and was no help, but this problem didn’t happen overnight. The reason these gauge housings failed i think is 1. The plastic mounting brackets lost tension (because they are plastic) causing the gauges to become loose in the dash. 2. Incorrect torque on the nuts may have stressed the threaded rods which anchor the gauges. 3. The weight of the wire harness is supported only by the plugs and rough water causes the wire harness to bounce, cracking the gauge housing in various places. 4. Lock washers were missing when originally installed.  I purchased two new gauges at a cost over $400.00 from the dealer. So, if you have these two multi function gauges I recommend you take a look under your dash to see if the nuts are snug. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. I have replaced the nuts on my new gauges with nylock nuts which I believe will prevent any future issues because even if the plastic mounting brackets loose some tension, the nuts will remain snug. Also used a dab of Anti-Seize lubricant.


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    Thank you sharing your experience, other SS188 owners will appreciate it!
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