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trolling motor wiring 2004 FD201

Have 2 batteries hooked to the switch that I leave on both. These two are for starting and accessories.
I am going to purchase two 12 volt deep cycle batteries and try to get in the same area and leave the factory 
setup alone.  I have the plug or receptacle up front with a 4 hole pin and two sets of red and black wires running to the back and not hooked up. I assume once I get the batteries in place and jumped to create  a 24 volt battery I hook 2 black wires  to the negative post of the joined battery and the  2 red to the positive post 
the joined battery..these are the posts not already used to form 24 volts.  Then I need to find a 4 post plug to attach to my minn kota 70# 24 volt which currently has a 2 post plug...AM I UNDERSTANDING THIS WHOLE PROCESS CORRECTLY.  THANK YOU