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2013 226 Fundeck lighting question

Hello.L have a 2013 226 Fundeck with some bizare electrical issues that I am trying to solve.When I switch on my navigation lights should my switch indicator lights and my gauges also light up?What about the small courtesy light around the boat?Iam getting a glowing light in my stereo switch and a dim glow on my main switch indicator light when everything is off even though all devices on the boat work!The stereo switch doesn't shut off the stereo and the main switch doesn't shut off the power to the other switches.Have reterminated all cable ends,replaced voltage relays and traced wires for hours any thoughts?Thanks


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    fdcaptain responded on another post that he found the problem that was causing the electrical issues stated in his above post.
    I am posting his comment for the benefit of others on the forum:

    Traced the problem to a multi connector plug  where the pin for the horn vaporized and created some unintended current paths some of which kept the main voltage relays pulled in and other stray light etc.!
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