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FD196OB Electrical Upgrades

I love my 201 FD196OB, and want to share some winter upgrades just completed. The photo of the RH side of the console shows:
1.) An LED neutral indicator next to the shift lever. Better than shouting when someone grinds the gears. Connect between Key-On Power from ignition switch to brown neutral switch wire in harness cable to shifter. Tap the power after the inline fuse hanging under the dash. Both of the wires in the subharness to the shifter neutral switch are brown (starter circuit color).  Connect to the one that is grounded only in neutral.
2.) Bilge pump switch moved to right side of wheel. It was repeatedly being turned on by people bumping it with knees as they walked past. I was always turning it off when I noticed the whine, but never turned it on. So I was planning to move it. Then an incident lead to the third and fourth upgrades,
3.) LED connected from hot side of bilge pump to ground. Lights any time pump is powered from either switch, even if pump does not run. So it is really a "water in bilge" indicator.
4.) Ultima Electronic float switch replaced with mechanical float switch. OB


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    Great to see you back Flying V5!  Awesome upgrades, thanks for taking the time to share them!
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