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My new 187 OB - can't even wakeboard behind it??

tommytuna Member Posts: 8
Hi folks - me again.. i just tried wakeboarding and tubing behind our new 187 OB w/ 130 hp etec. Boat would hardly pull me??  My wife couldn't even get it on plane and it overheated twice.  Can someone with a similar setup (130 hp etec) please chime in on speed, water sports etc?  My dealer insisted over and over that the 130 hp was plenty of motor for this boat. I'm starting to regret this purchase.
My old 17 bowrider with classic 90 merc could easily pull anyone without bogging down.
Do i have a rigging issue?  Boat motor is mounted as low as it will go.  Prop is an evinrude aluminum 14.8x17.  can't find anyone out there with the same setup that has posted any test results so i'm unsure if this is normal or just poor rigging.
hoping it is poor rigging b/c we love everything else about the boat. Not being able to ski or tube will be a deal breaker though.


  • Macklin
    Macklin Member Posts: 12
    First thing I would check is the prop. Aluminum props are junk. Try a SS one. If you have a local prop shop they might have one you can try.

    You should have no problem skiing behind that rig. But motor mounted all the way down is probably your speed issue you posted in your other thread.
  • tommytuna
    tommytuna Member Posts: 8
    Agreed - I spoke to Hurricane support and they advised that engine shoudl go up atleast one hole. Going to test more props after i get that done this weekend by local marina.  The Solas HR4 Titan showed great promise in a test i did last weekend.   Pretty sure 40mph and wakeboarding won't be a problem once we fix height and get the four blade prop.
    Boat is great otherwise.. bad rigging can screw up any good boat!
  • Dzommer
    Dzommer Member Posts: 7
    I have a new 187 ob with the Yamaha 115, and pulled a tuber just fine last weekend.  Haven't tried a skier or wake board yet....